Alchemy Toys

The Essence of Alchemy Toys

Alchemy Toys was inspired by traditional alchemy games, where players collected token "cards" and "melted" them into new ones. The ultimate objective was to gather all 127 unique token cards, spanning seven distinct levels, and sacrifice them to win the game's epoch, claiming a substantial portion of the growing treasury.

Gameplay Mechanics

Collect & Play: Players collected TOY NFTs through various in-game actions, such as worshipping to receive random cards or melting two tokens to create a higher-level one. Each token had a unique serial number, with older tokens being more valuable. The primary objective was to collect at least one card of each type to sacrifice and attain enlightenment.

Cycles and Epochs: The game was turn-based, with players making a limited number of moves per cycle, usually spanning eight hours. When a player won an epoch by attaining enlightenment, a new epoch began with reset alchemy recipes, ensuring unpredictability and encouraging strategic play.


  • Worship: Summon the Alchemic Deity to receive three random lowest-level cards, with a chance to get higher-level ones.
  • Melt: Burn two tokens to create a higher-level token, generating new alchemy recipes and incentivizing experimentation.
  • Sacrifice: Sacrifice collected tokens to win the epoch. Older tokens yielded a higher treasury share.
  • Proclamation: Initiate the ascension ritual once enlightenment tokens existed, transforming them into Godhood tokens.

Financial Dynamics

Alchemy Toys integrated DeFi elements to maintain financial stability and growth. The game used two token types: Toy NFTs and Game Ace Tokens (GATs).

Toy NFTs: These BEP-721 compliant tokens represented a share of the treasury reward. Their value was backed by the game treasury, and older tokens were more valuable, encouraging collection and trade. Tokens were minted through worship and melt actions, with corresponding fees flowing into the treasury.

Game Ace Tokens (GATs): These BEP-20 tokens were used for staking, yield farming, and as a payment method in the NFT marketplace. Limited to 1,000,000 pre-mined tokens, GATs offered a deflationary effect and perpetual growth potential. Stakers (shamans) earned rewards proportionally to their stake size, promoting long-term stability and discouraging pump-and-dump dynamics.

Economic Model

Alchemy Toys' economic model ensured continuous growth and stability. The game treasury received all fees, with payouts occurring in the network's base currency (BNB). Even between epochs, the system was designed to incentivize continued play and maintain financial health.

Treasury Distribution:

  • 64% to enlightened winners
  • 20% to GAT stakers
  • 1% to the prophet
  • 15% retained for the next epoch

This structure ensured that bearish market actions led to bullish responses, such as increased demand for TOYs when traders dumped them, making the game more attractive and sustainable.

Outlook to the Future

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